The care of children is no longer a matter of instinct. As parents or adults caring for children, we have many resources which we rely on, consciously and unconsciously, to interact with and care for children. Culturally, we are endowed with a rich social network of carers, and that is an essential resource for us. Another important source of advice that parents reach out to is medical practitioners. Teachers and school counsellors are also part of this large network of relationships that parents seek.

With the explosion of media resources in our lives, our awareness about children is also supplemented by films, television, newspapers, magazines and online resources. As is common strategy in the subcontinent, Indian families are quite effective at combining and using several different resources for their doubts, even if these may be contradictory. However, with the easy access of internet sources on parenting also comes the problem of not being able to discern the veracity of the content. This is where we hope to provide some guidance about what to read, and where to look for more information. Whatever we post has been whetted by us. However, the responsibility for the publications will rest with the authors. We also welcome suggestions from our readers about resources that they may have come across, and they could use this platform to share their readings in the comments section. We look forward to intense and lively debates.

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