Photo Gallery

Pictures in this photo gallery have been taken mostly by Nandita Chaudhary, and some by Pooja Bhargava and Reshu Tomar. Through these images we make an attempt to illustrate children’s lives through our eyes as they go about their daily lives in cities, towns and villages where we have travelled for research to do with childhood and family life. Also, we wish to share our joy in these moments that we have experienced in far away places, watching and interacting with children and their families.

In these pictures, children are featured in different settings primarily to explore the things that children do, and the spaces they inhabit. Several different locations are featured here: rural, tribal, small towns and cities, and within these, school, street, neighbourhood, temple and home. We plan to keep adding new images as we continue our journey through children’s lives. The generosity and excitement that Indian parents display when we approach them for permissions is both heart-warming and humbling. We wish to thank the families for their enthusiasm and agreement to share their lives with us.

We eagerly await comments related to the images.16730372_10154421125453367_2505997608609399462_nDSC_0187 - CopyDSC_0190DSC_0994Families (1)Families (5)Families (6)Families (8)Families (10)Families (12)Families (13)Families (16)Families (17)Families (20)Families (21)Families (22)Families (23)Families (24)Families (25)Families (26)Families (28)DSC_0005_01DSC_0026_01DSC_0032_01DSC_0033DSC_0045DSC_0048DSC_0057DSC_0058DSC_0114_01Families (29)Families (30)Families (31)Families (32)